ATMs & Banking

International cash cards can be used at Post Offices (Google Maps / Google Maps), Seven-Eleven stores (Google Maps / Google Maps) and the Happo Bus Terminal (Google Maps). Foreign currency can be exchanged at branches of The Nagano Bank (Google Maps) and The 82 Bank (Google Maps). You are advised to bring extra cash with you as many shops and restaurants do not accept credit or debit cards.

ATMs in Seven-Eleven's are open 24 hours and bank opening hours are from 9:00 ~ 15:00, Monday ~ Friday. The Happo Information Center is open until 21:00 daily.

Emergencies ICON


National emergency telephone numbers are:

Police: 110

Call 110 to report an accident or crime.

Ambulance/Fire: 119

Call 119 to report a fire or to request an ambulance.

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Earthquake: Learn how to prepare in case of an earthquake.

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Medical assistance

Many cases of accident or illness can be attended to by English-speaking medical staff at The Shintani Clinic (Google Maps). In more serious cases, you may be taken by ambulance direct to larger hospitals in Omachi or Nagano.

Most larger hospitals will be able to communicate in at least basic English and will accept major credit cards and also provide an English-language letter concerning your treatment for your insurance company back home (fees payable).

The Japan National Tourism Association has produced a detailed guide in various languages to search and use medical institutions in Japan;

JNTO website


Native English speakers are available at Hakuba Physio & Massage (Google Maps) in central Hakuba.


Ohta Pharmacy (Google Maps) usually has English speaking staff on duty. Medical supplies are also available at American Drug (Google Maps) and Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Google Maps).


Internet and WiFi

Otari village provides a free WiFi service for visitors in selected areas. These include the Village Hall (Google Maps), Santeen Otari Restaurant and Spa (Google Maps) and Michi no Eki (Google Maps). The access point is named [bousai-otari] and you can log on with a social media account or complete a simple questionnaire. Many shops, restaurants and hotels also have complimentary WiFi available for their customers.

Parcel ICON

Parcel/Courier Service

Japan has fast and cheap nationwide private transport services for luggage and sporting equipment.

One major provider is Yamato 'Black Cat' Takkyubin, who offer services from major airports to and from your accommodation.


Services can be affected by weather or unforeseen circumstances, so make sure you leave plenty of time to receive your items, especially when sending to an airport.

Shopping ICON


Although there is a Lawson convenience stores in Otari (Google Maps), most shops are to be found in Hakuba central. There are Lawson (Google Maps) and Seven-Eleven (Google Maps / Google Maps) stores as well as the Supermarket chains Delicia/Appleland (Google Maps), The Big (Google Maps) and A-Coop (Google Maps).