Fatbikes (off-road bicycles with oversized tires) have exploded in popularity in recent years, yet Tsugaike is one of only a few places in all of Japan where you are able to ride them on the ski slopes. More accurately, the Otari Fatbike Center offers half-day and full-day tours inclusive of bike and helmet rentals as well as basic insurance. For the half-day option, customers can choose to do downhill laps on a portion of the "Kane-no-naru-oka" ski slope, or take a ride through the forest on a maintained snow trail. Those on the full-day tour can choose to combine both or stick to only one. For either case, riders are first given a brief explanation and demonstration of technique, braking and balancing on the snow, and then are free to immerse themselves in this unique and unforgettable experience. Their Facebook page is currently only available in Japanese, but they are willing and able to accommodate English speakers as well.

Otari Fatbike Center