This welcome addition to the landscape adjacent to the Green Plaza Hotel is a game-changer for families with a menu of 5 different daytime activities and experiences:

  1. "Kamakura" Experience: The term kamakura refers to Japan's version of an igloo, and this particular experience gives you the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and take pictures inside one large enough to seat five adults.
  2. Sledding: Several different courses are groomed and ready for your enjoyment, including long and banked options.
  3. Ice Cream Making: Perhaps you've made ice cream before, but you've never done it quite like this. You'll be given a specially crafted ball stuffed with snow and the other raw ingredients necessary to make ice cream, and then must play, kick and roll it across the snow for several minutes. Right around the time you start warming up, open the ball and partake of the magical frozen reward for your efforts.
  4. "Kanjiki" Point Rally: Throw on a pair of traditional wooden snowshoes, and head into the snowy forest on an exploratory treasure hunt for the point placards and various attractions hidden amongst the trees.
  5. SnowCAT Ride: Take a short, relaxing tour of the Wonder Village forest aboard a hulking snowCAT. These impressive machines with tracks instead of tires can stay afloat through even the deepest snow. You'll have opportunities to stop and search for animal tracks along the way, which your driver will be happy to help you identify.